"Priscilla staged a listing for my partner and I here in San Francisco.  From the very first contact, she was prompt, responsive, knowledgeable and flexible.  She understood our clients' needs immediately, and made suggestions that highlighted all the best features of their property.  She had a definite vision for the space, and knew how to make it a reality. The open houses were exciting affairs, as buyers and agents alike were wowed by the end result.  We had multiple offers, all over the asking price, and very happy sellers.  (The sellers were so impressed with Priscilla's work, they asked her to help them with designing and furnishing their new home!)  In addition, Priscilla is incredibly easy to work with.  She does what she says she's going to do, when she says she's going to do it.  There are so many details to remember in bringing a property to market, and she helped keep us on track and made our job simpler.  I never had any problem reaching her when I needed to, and communication was always relaxed, straightforward and comfortable.  I am pleased to give Priscilla my highest recommendation, and will definitely call her to stage my next listing."

- Christie S.
San Francisco, CA

"I had the pleasure of working with Priscilla when I sold my condo last month. She was wonderful to work with and an amazing stager! She paid great attention to detail and worked on our condo like it was her own. She was responsive, professional, and did an awesome job. Our condo sold for higher than we expected, and I'm sure much of that was due to the staging. Don't hesitate to hire Priscilla!"

- Teresa C.
San Francisco, CA

"Priscilla is someone who is not only talented but also very sincere, honest and trustworthy.  I recently asked her to stage our property in Outer Sunset, and I am just so happy I chose her (initially found her on Houzz).  The place is speechlessly gorgeous, it just made a HUGE impact on our listing.  I live in Los Angeles, if I ever sell my house, I almost want to ask her if she could fly stage my house lol!!"

- Kim I.
Los Angeles, CA

"I am a Realtor and I have worked with many different staging companies.  Priscilla and her team are the best staging company I have worked with ever!  She really is an artist and I love holding open houses on any home she has staged, because those homes are so easy to sell.  They are beautifully presented by her staging. She is punctual, professional and always a delight to work with.  Selling your home can be stressful, Priscilla has a way of making our sellers feel comfortable and they adore her for she has a way of making everything seem easier for them.  I would choose her first, when it comes to staging one of my listings because I know I am in good hands with Halcyon Home Staging."

- Maria E.
Fremont, CA

"Priscilla is an incredible interior designer! I had the good fortune to hire her to turn my rather drab and dungy office into a real showpiece! Now people enter my office and say wow instead of ouch! Priscilla has such great vision to create a masterpiece out of nothing. She has also done many staging jobs for many of our agents and thier client's homes and all I hear is rave reviews from both clients and agents. If you are fortunate enough to be able to hire Priscilla to have her design your space, jump all over that opportunity!"
- David P.
San Francisco, CA

"Priscilla Rodrigues-Bettencourt of Halcyon Home Staging + Design is the bees knees. We sold the socks off my Thanksgiving listing and she was able to smoothly unite classic Craftsman features like built-ins and crown molding with the highly modern fixtures. Even though many other listings were sitting on the market at this time, our listing closed in only 28 days. We got a bunch of offers, great press, and went way above & beyond the expectations of the seller. Priscilla is ~magic~ 
Priscilla really went above & beyond the call of duty for me and my client too. The seller assured us that he would be ready for staging on Saturday, but when the day came, the house was nice & empty, but he still had the deck covered in painting supplies and tools. "Don't worry," he assured us, "the deck doesn't need any staging." But then after the deck was cleared a few days later, compared to the gorgeous staging inside the house and on the front balcony, the deck looked small and empty, and actually, the seller (& his wife) admitted, it would be so nice if we could put a little something out there. I grabbed a few hurricane lanterns in an estate sale, but Priscilla went way out of her way to hire movers and a truck to get a beautiful set of chairs with a table and a gorgeous, huge, real pot of succulents (which are totally all the rage in California right now). So thoughtful & exactly what we needed."

- Monika T.
San Francisco, CA

"Halcyon Home Staging + Design delivered above and beyond my wildest expectations. Priscilla was professional, on time and on budget during every step of the project. I had never used a staging company before to sell a house so I was a little skeptical that it would be worth the money but I am positive her skill and attention to detail in designing and staging my house is the reason I got 20% over my asking price. Her staging services are absolutely worth every penny and I will definitely be using Halcyon again in the future. Thank you Priscilla."

- Sean F.
San Francisco, CA

"I have been using Halcyon Home Staging for some time and have been very pleased with their staging. I knew from the very first time that Priscilla was an artist. I would not use any other staging company."

- Joe R.
Fremont, CA

"Priscilla creates phenomenal value for my listings. She has an incredible eye for design and I appreciate her meticulous attention to detail. Rather than taking a one style fits all approach to staging (which I have experienced in the past with other designers), Priscilla crafts each home with an artistry individual to the era and space of the home. Furthermore, she has a very graceful approach with clients and is able to articulate the value that will be created. The homes that Priscilla has staged for me are universally met with great compliments and have helped to sell my homes with greater ease."

- Tom L.
San Leandro, CA

"Priscilla is a very creative professional and passionate for what she does. I knew with all these elements combined I'd be well taken care of. Her demeanor is beyond unique. She makes you feel special and cared for while ensuring that all business decisions are made in your best interest from a financial position. It's a rare blend to find these days. Oh! and not to mention, she made this FUN the entire time. I never ever worried about the sale of my home."

​- Andrea N.
Oakland, CA

"I'll keep it brief.  Priscilla did an incredible job staging our house getting it ready for sale.  We ended up getting top dollar and I'm convinced the staging was a big part of that. Thanks Priscilla."

- Jeff K.
Union City, CA

" Selling your house can be a traumatic experience. Apart from the seemingly endless to-do list and the uncertainty that all the work you're putting in isn't necessarily guaranteed to net you much in the way of returns, there's the simple fact that your home, the place where you've lived and grown and broken bread with your friends, is no longer going to be *yours*. This realization hit me one night as I was sitting on the floor of what used to be my bedroom, surrounded by four empty walls and no furniture. I was overcome with some really spooky and unsettling emotions once I accepted that what was once my home was now just a lonely, empty, enclosed structure devoid of anything that would indicate somebody actually lived there once. Enter Priscilla and her team. In the span of one day, they transformed this desolate abode into the most welcoming and inviting living space I could have hoped for. Now when I go downstairs to make coffee in the morning, it's with a giant stupid grin on my face, because I never imagined that my home could have ever looked so beautiful. I mentioned to my realtor that I wished I had known Priscilla when I moved in, so that I could have had her decorate the place to begin with, and he laughed and said he hears that all the time from clients. It's no wonder: good interior design isn't as simple as just following some preset guidelines-- it requires sophistication, taste, and most of all the ability to recognize hidden potential. This is what separates the true artists from the hacks. If you're moving into a new residence, do yourself a favor and hire Priscilla to help you design your interior; it'll be the best money you can ever spend. Nothing beats living in a home that you're exceptionally proud of. But if you're like me and don't get to know her until you're staging your house for sale, you'll still be amazed at what she can do. The process of selling my home has been excruciating at times, but I can rest easy knowing that it now looks better than I ever thought possible, and that potential buyers are going to love what's inside. Thank you, Priscilla!!"

- Jason P. 
San Leandro, CA